Porcelain distribution line post insulators

Porcelain distribution line post insulators include four types. Two basic horizontal clamp-type designs: gain base castings and stud base castings, and two vertical stud base types: tie top and clamp top.

No more need to stock two types and bother with separate clamps. Now one product comes complete with integral clamp. For copper users it can also be purchased with aluminum body tin-plated. Made from wet process porcelain, porcelain distribution line post insulators are designed for maximum self-cleaning characteristics and long life performance.

Porcelain distribution line post insulators              Porcelain distribution line post insulator

Porcelain distribution line post insulators raw material:
The unique vertical integration of our insulators starts with the selection of raw materials. This porcelain distribution line post insulator is of high purity and with constant properties. The optimized mix is mixed and ground exactly in accordance with the formulation. Vacuum extrusion presses then shape the plastic filter cakes into cylindrical blanks, the so-called "bodies". During a precisely defined drying process they reach the correct consistency for the subsequent forming process.

If our porcelain distribution line post insulators meets your requirements or you are interested in other type Porcelain line post insulators we did not show, just contact us freely.

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