Porcelain electrical insulator

Porcelain electrical insulator includes postinsulators, lineinsulators, hollow core porcelain, and other type electric insulators. Line insulators include composite types and porcelain types as per the raw materials.

Post insulator   Hollow porcelain

Porcelain electrical insulator details:
Post insulators:
This product group consists of post insulators in porcelain, composite and resin.
The product range covers system voltages from 1 to 420 k V.
Types according to international standards.

Line insulators – composite:
This product range covers distribution composite line insulators for system voltages 12-36 k V.
These line-post insulators are electrical puncture proof. Class A.
The puncture distance in the material is at least equal or halve of the arcing distance in air.
Seamless housing moulded in HTV silicone.
Interface between rod/housing and metal fittings are sealed with a special silicone elastomer by a special process.
End fitting made of Al-alloy-resistable in polluted areas.
Line post insulators for PAS.
Puncture proof insulator for PAS conductor 50-95/99-150/157 mm.
Neoprene sleeve for each diameter.
Line post insulator top clamp.
Puncture proof insulator with top clamp straight and angels.
Suited for Feral, PAS and Cu conductors.
Top clamps to be ordered separately. Please advise conductor diameter.
Tie top line post insulator
Puncture proof tie top insulator. Neck diameter = 73 mm.

Line insulators – porcelain:
This product range covers guy and pin insulators in porcelain for system voltages 12-36 k V.
A pin insulator is a description of an insulator where a metal pin is screwed or fixed in to the insulator body.
As the puncture distance through the porcelain is less than halve the arcing distance in the air, these insulators are not electrical puncture proof.
Eventual impulse values above listed values may cause the insulator to puncture.
The mechanical values stated are bending breaking lauds for the porcelain body exclusive metal pin. (Bending and breaking lauds for pins to be advised by the pin supplier)
Pin insulators 12-36 k V.
Insulators manufactured in C 110 porcelain. Brown glazed, grey glazed on request.
Top head of insulator in semi-conducting glaze.
Tolerances and tests acc. to IEC Standard. 1" zink threads.
Guy insulators in porcelain for straining poles.
The insulator prevents eventual voltages from poles to be earthed.
Insulators are manufactured in C110/C120 material. Brown glazed, grey on request.
Tolerances and tests acc. to IEC Standard.
Insulator for higher mechanical strength, to be supplied on request.

Hollow porcelain:
Hollow porcelain is utilized as elements in apparatus’ and covers like switches, current and voltage transformers, station- and transformer bushings, surge-arrestors, etc.
These insulators are critical components, and are delivered with or without end-flanges to apparatus manufacturers.

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