Porcelain hollows

Porcelain hollows also called Porcelain hollow insulators. RTV coated porcelain hollow insulators are the right solution in contaminated environments. Manufacturing process can adopt Conventional or isostatic production technology.

Porcelain hollows RTV coating:
Surface contamination of a porcelain insulator when installed in extreme environmental conditions increases the risk of leakage currents, which can subsequently lead to pollution flashovers and power system outages. Providing a hydrophobic surface by adding an estimated 0.5 mm (19 mils) layer of RTV silicone rubber will limit the leakage current to harmless levels in the presence of moisture and contamination.

In-house and on-site coating of a porcelain insulator is an option offered by PPC Insulators combining the advantages of both worlds - the expected high mechanical strength and longevity of a porcelain insulator and the silicones excellent pollution performance.

In-house coating is especially advantageous for projects using new insulators. A product ready to be installed is delivered and a hydrophobic insulator surface is assured from the very first day. Upgrading existing substation equipment is easily done with our on-site coating service.

Porcelain hollows

Porcelain hollows manufacturing process:
Conventional vs. Isostatic production technology
Today, there are two methods to produce porcelain insulators: The conventional (plastic) production process, the isostatic production technology developed by PPC Insulators
The main difference between the two technologies is limited to the manufacture of the “blank”, which has a major impact on the lead time.

Major improvements that the Isostatic production technology has enabled are slimmer and more flexible designs, tighter tolerances and shorter lead times.
The new possible insulator designs of porcelain hollows meet and conform to all existing standards, but require 25% less material and energy usage.

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