Porcelain insulator China

Porcelain insulator China is made of wet process porcelain C120 or C130 and metal end fittings. Porcelain insulator China is famous to all over the world.

Porcelain insulator China              Porcelain insulator China

Porcelain insulator China properties:
Reliable mechanical strength
Forming without material damage
Enamel colors: Brown RAL 8017 and Grey ANSI 70
In accordance with standard: C130 high-strength alumina porcelain
No electrical puncture or no shatter
Forming without material damage

Porcelain insulator China provided by Orient Power has a good thermal-Mechanical Performance. Orient Power offers high quality Porcelain insulator China products whose shed is damaged, there will be little decrease in flash over voltage and power supply will not be disturbed.

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