Porcelain insulator markings

Not all combinations of Porcelain insulator markings were shown in the Value Guide, which was not intended to be a complete listing of marking types. All Porcelain insulator markings are incuse unless otherwise indicated. Porcelain pin post insulator use the same way as porcelain insulator.

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Porcelain insulator marking methods on multipart porcelain insulators are too numerous to even discuss or keep records on, so most of the markings shown in multipart section of the Value Guide are either typical, unusual, or rare markings used on very old specimens.

The way of porcelain insulator markings
Incuse: "Incuse" markings result from striking the leather-hard clay with a marking stamp which produces letters and/or designs cut into the surface.

Embossed: Very few porcelain insulators have the raised markings known as "embossed" markings. They typically are found on dry process insulators. The collectors love the porcelain insulator with embossed, such as we can collect the beautiful things, not like only a porcelain line post insulator

This is a pseudo-embossed marking obtained on wet process insulators by striking the damp clay body with a device that leaves raised letters on a recessed background.

Under-glaze Ink (u-g): This marking was obtained by using a rubber ink stamp to apply the ink mark on the dried insulator clay body before the glaze was applied. The ink would soak into the surface of the dried clay.

Over-glaze Ink (o-g): This marking was applied by using a rubber ink stamp to apply the mark on top of the dried glaze before the glaze was fired. A colored glaze was used to make the marking for ceramic pin post insulator.

We can use some makings way of porcelain insulator.

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