Porcelain insulator production process

The Porcelain insulator production process involves four major manufacturing operations: Body Preparation, Shaping, Glazing and Firing.

porcelain insulator Shaping              porcelain insulator glazing

Porcelain insulator Body Preparation:
The raw materials are roughly crushed by the jaw crusher, hammer mill and ball mill. The slip is further sieved and passed through the magnetic filter so that it is free from iron impurity as well as being uniform in particle size.

Porcelain insulator Shaping:
Shaping is done by the casting mold method. The prepared cast slip is kept one day under gentle agitation. Next, the slip is poured into a casting mold to be de-hydrated and solidified into the shape of porcelain insulator. After the porcelain has been formed, it is subjected to a final purification process, bisque firing, before being glazed.

Porcelain insulator Glazing:
Glazing is usually sprayed on the bodies either manually or automatically by using a glazing both. Glazing also can be done by dipping the molded ware in to a tank filled with glazing medium.

Porcelain insulator firing:
When glazing is completed the molded ware is ready for firing. Firing is a further heating step that can be done in kiln. A periodic kiln consists of a single, refractory-lined, sealed chamber with burner ports and flues (or electric heating elements). It can fire only one batch of ware at a time, but it is more flexible since the firing cycle can be adjusted for each product. A tunnel kiln is a refractory chamber can maintains certain temperature zones continuously, with the ware being pushed from one zone to another. Typically, the ware will enter a preheating zone and move through a central firing zone before leaving the kiln via cooling zone. This type of kiln is usually more economical and energy efficient than a periodic kiln.

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