Porcelain insulator technology

Porcelain insulator technology includes design, manufacture, test, etc. This article shows the ball mill, assembling, testing, and making process. The insulator quality depends on the porcelain insulator technology.

Porcelain insulator technology:
Ball mill: all the checks are carried out in laboratory. The main raw materials are feldspar, ball, clay, quartz. We use the material after ensuring the raw materials quality.
Assembling: Fired insulators are transferred to finishing for assembling. We are using rapid Harding cement and assemble metal part on disc and thimbles to pin.
Testing: Testing and packing. Testing which implies an electrical and mechanical test to ensure integrity of the product. All insulators are passed through routine / type test as per IS.
Making: Moulds shape is giving by pressing or turning technique. Drying to remove absorbed unnecessary moisture.

Ball mill   Assembling  Testing

Porcelain insulator technology information shown above is only a little part. More details about porcelain insulator technology please contact Orient Power.

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