Porcelain insulators application

Porcelain insulators are used for supplying electricity, supporting conductors and insulating function. Porcelain insulators are used on transmission and distribution lines.

Porcelain insulators application              Porcelain insulator application

Porcelain insulators application:
The lines of high voltage transmission systems are usually composed of wires of copper, aluminum copper clad or aluminum-clad steel, which are suspended from tall lattice work towers of steel by strings of porcelain insulators. There are the super high tension and high tension porcelain insulators used for transmitting electricity along a transmission line from the power station to the substation. There are the high, middle, and low-tension insulators used for transmitting electricity from a substation to the consumer through Electricity Power Corporation.

In planning to establish a porcelain insulator plant, it would be advisable to begin manufacturing of low-tension and high tension porcelain insulators which are easy to manufacture. Then by gradually acquiring the manufacturing technology, manufacturing should shift towards more complicated shape or high tension insulators.

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