Porcelain insulators history

Dated back to long ago, Porcelain insulators history has lone history for using and manufacturing. They can use as thermal insulator and electrical insulators for our lives.

Porcelain insulators history

About Porcelain insulators history
◆ Porcelain insulators started to use on the telephone lines in the Civil War with high strength and surface resistance
◆ Earliest insulators used on distribution power lines, pin insulator is the earliest insulator
◆ With the electrical systems developing, high voltage insulator is necessary, disc insulator is appearance
◆ In the beginning, glass insulator is used on power lines, in the middle of 19 century, more and more porcelain insulators are used in electrical systems

More information has surfaced about the porcelain insulator business, such as porcelain pin insulator and a number of dedicated individuals have written books, articles, and reprinted catalogs that have significantly increased collector knowledge and interest in the porcelain side of the hobby.

More and more insulator collectors favorite the any color glass insulator and small or perfect color porcelain insulators.

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