Porcelain line post insulator specifications

Porcelain line post insulator specifications are so outstanding that line post insulator is now widely used to improve the performance of all distribution overhead, rural and urban.

Porcelain line post insulator              Porcelain line post insulators

Porcelain line post insulator specifications:
Porcelain line post insulator is designed to be used on long rural lines to great reliability and durability free of maintenance. The porcelain line post insulators have good water-repellent, aging-proof, anti current leakage and anti electric corrosion performance. It also has high resistance to bending and erosion with high mechanical strength. Furthermore, the light weight and the size make it easy for installation.

As used in the title and elsewhere in ANSI C29.7 standard, the term “insulator” shall mean any of the assemblies shown, whether they consist of a single piece of porcelain together with its metal parts or of two of more such porcelains bolted together to form a rigid assembly.

Orient has more than 20 years history since it made Porcelain line post insulator products, the types of which are comprehensive and complying with ANSI C29.7. The Porcelain line post insulator specifications make it widely used in China, South-east Asia, North America, South America, Oceania etc more than 20 countries and regions.

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