Porcelain line post insulator with studs

Porcelain line post insulator with studs is widely used in many countries, and these ceramic line post insulators is used with long stud or short stud which is based on the types of applied crossarms.

Porcelain insulators are the traditional choice for distribution line, busbar and apparatus insulation. Porcelain line post insulator with studs are manufactured from high quality non-porous electrical porcelain, they provide a long life and cost effective solution for the majority of applications. The glaze applied is compressive in nature and formulated to provide a smooth surface for self cleaning.

Porcelain line post insulator with studs               Porcelain line post insulator with stud

The improvement management guarantees the continuous optimization of processes and the ongoing further development in efficiency as well as economy. You will get Porcelain line post insulators at a reasonable price guide, low price and good quality.

Each porcelain line post insulator with studs shall bear symbols identifying the manufacturer and giving the year of manufacture. The marking shall be legible and durable. Orient will package these porcelain line post insulators in wooden case with pallet or as per customers’ requirements.

More details about Porcelain line post insulator with studs tests, price, price guide, designs or manufacturing process, please contact Orient freely.

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