Porcelain line post insulator

Porcelain line post insulator is also called line post type insulator, and popular in high voltage distribution and transmission line application for its outstanding advantages.

Many countries choose line post porcelain insulator rather than post composite insulator or polymer line post insulators, because porcelain insulators have a better performance in many sides.

Porcelain line post insulator               Porcelain line post insulator

Porcelain line post insulator specifications:
Mounting type: tie-top type, clamp-top type
Base type: stud base type, curved base type or gain base type
Easier stock inventory-separable long or short studs for wood and steel crossarms are easily installed in the field.
The Orient line post, by design, is free of radio and TV interference.
No corona is formed at operating voltages on either tie top or clamp top line posts.
Six standard clamp sizes interchangeable on all Orient clamp top line posts provide for all conductor sizes .25" to 2.70".
The Orient line post gets its flashover and leakage values from height rather than spread.

Compared with maclean line post insulator, hubbell line post insulators, lapp line post insulators and tci porcelain line post insulator, Orient porcelain line post insulators are more and more famous for clients in recent years, because Orient put the quality and safety in the first place. Each porcelain line post insulator will be done tests.

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