Porcelain pin post insulator,Electrical insulator

Porcelain pin post insulator made of Oxide Ceramics for high-voltage applications can be fitted with ribs and glazed on the outside as a main type electrical insulator. The rib structure increases the creep distance and leads to increased tensile strength in the case of atmospheric applications. Glazing facilitates handling and cleaning of the components.

Porcelain pin post insulator             Electrical insulator

Ceramic porcelain pin post insulators are used in conjunction with wires that may generate a large amount of heat. Ceramics have a very high heat tolerance, especially higher than plastic and some metals.

The importance of the porcelain pin post insulator or electrical insulator:
Electricity has become an integral part of human life and as we move towards 21st century it plays an even more significant role in our day to day life. Electrical Porcelain pin post Insulators are essential requirement for the smooth distribution of Electrical Power. We manufacture these porcelain Electrical Insulators adhering to stringent quality of International Standards.

We also export our porcelain pin post insulator in East Europe, East Asia, Middle East and South Africa. There are more than 500 ceramic units manufacturing a variety of items. We manufacture various types of porcelain electrical insulators as per customers’ requirements and drawings. We assure you of our best services with highest quality standards.

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