Porcelain post insulator

Porcelain post insulator is reliable use in plant construction. Porcelain post insulator from the latest high performance ceramics has been in use for many decades in switchgear and capacitor bank platforms.

Porcelain post insulator Dimensions:
Voltage level: 1 – 1100 kV
(>245 kV in multiple component design)
Maximum installation length: 90 inches
Maximum trunk diameter: 11.33 inches
Flexible leakage path up to 2.16 in / kV
Conical design
(Preferred for design in accordance with IEC)
Cylindrical design
(Preferred for design in accordance with ANSI)

Porcelain post insulator

Porcelain post insulator Production method:
Wet method
In accordance with standard C130: high-strength alumina porcelain
In accordance with standard C130 HS: extra-high strength
Glaze colors: Brown RAL 8017
and Grey ANSI 70

Manufactured in accordance with the standards:
IEC 60273
IEC 60168
IEC 60672

Use in industry-specific solutions:
Device and plant construction, e.g. switchgear, for busbars and disconnect switches
Platform support for capacitor banks

In accordance with the standards IEC, ANSI, CSA and other certifications we manufacture single-component series up to a length of 90 inches and voltage levels up to 1100 kV. Our porcelain post insulator is mainly exposed to pressure, bending and torsional forces during operation and have been specifically designed for this purpose. We are also happy to offer our customers a customized full-service solution tailored ideally to their requirements.

We have experience with the manufacture of porcelain post insulator for 36years. Research and further development resulted in the optimization of our porcelain post insulator for distribution plants and switchgear systems.

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