Porcelain post insulators

Porcelain post insulators include TR series post insulators and outdoor insulators according to IEC, AS, ANSI, BS, DIN standards with brown, grey and white glaze. They also called solid-core post insulators.

Porcelain post insulators types:
Post insulators: 15kv post insulator TR-205, 20kv post insulator TR-208, 35kv post insulator TR-210, 66kv post insulator TR-216, post insulator H4-125, post insualtor C4-125, 35kv post insulator C4-250
Outdoor insulators: 24kv outdoor insulator, 35kv outdoor insulator P-13, 35kv outdoor post insulator, 66kv outdoor insulator

Post insulators      Post insulators

Porcelain post insulators details:
Color: Brown/Gray
Applicable standard: ANSI C29.9, I.E.C. 273
Outdoor post insulator 35kv-66kv

Porcelain post insulators are mainly used on substations and apparatus equipment. The bus support insulators and standoff insulators also can be supplied by Orient Power insulator manufacturer.

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