Porcelain product insulators

Porcelain product insulators are made of high strength porcelain, and high reliability is achieved by long-term experience and accumulation of technology.

Porcelain product insulators

Porcelain product insulators Characteristics:
Excellent anti-contamination performance
Excellent pollution performance especially atmospheric dirt
Insulator provides insulation and support function.
R-3s> specified M&E failing load (R: mean value, s: standard deviation)
Accurate assembling without stress concentration
Silicone coating of insulators as per customer specification
Gray glaze is supplied on all standard strength insulators unless otherwise specified.
The porcelain insulator made of wet process porcelain with no defects on the surface.

Porcelain product insulators are manufactured from high quality non-porous electrical porcelain, they provide a long life and cost effective solution for the majority of applications.

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