Porcelain products insulators

Porcelain products insulators are made of ceramic, and main material is clay, quartz, feldspar. The insulators shall be made of good commercial-grade wet-process porcelain.

Porcelain products insulators              Porcelain products insulators

Porcelain products insulators properties:
High strength alumina porcelain and are smaller in diameter
Traditional choice for distribution line, busbar and apparatus insulation
Higher amount of alumina
Uniform quality by continuous firing and production control
Accurate assembling without stress concentration
Enamel colors: Brown RAL 8017 and Grey ANSI 70

Porcelain material is divided into different strength levels, and made by medium aluminum porcelain and high aluminum porcelain separately. Forming and assembling are the main manufacturing process of porcelain insulator. The entire porcelain surface of the insulator, with the exception of a firing surface, shall be glazed.

Orient Power Porcelain products insulators with high mechanical and electrical strength are designed to meet the most modern demands for distribution line usage today.

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