Porcelain suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulator has with high mechanical and electrical strength.

Porcelain suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulator is furnished with either ball & socket or clevis & tongue formations. It has the ability for either style to be connected with other insulators by conformance to ANSI standard.

Orient Power China can provide the finest quality porcelain to ensure uniformly high mechanical and electrical strength. These porcelain suspension insulator shells should insure the electrical and mechanical performance.

Porcelain suspension insulator, as one of the important equipment of transmission lines, suspension insulator charged with the important task of dangling wires and towers insulation, production of suspension porcelain insulators for use in high pressure around the world, EHV and UHV transmission lines, transmission lines for countries security operation to provide a reliable guarantee.

Porcelain suspension insulator a variety of umbrella structure design, using a variety of different areas line offers a variety of reasonable options.


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