Post Base & Line Fittings

Post Base & Line Fittings include Post Base Fittings, Curves, Studs, Suspension Trunnion Bolted Aluminum Clamptop Clamps, Bracket (Curved base, Side Mounted, Uni-Brackets), and other hardware fittings.

Post Base & Line Fittings

Post Base & Line Fittings details:
Post Base Fittings Dimensions (in inches)
15, 25 & 35 kV Horizontal Gain Base
15, 25 & 35 kV Stud Base
Post Line Fittings Dimensions (in inches)
15-69 kV Horizontal Clamptop Cap
15-69 kV Vertical Clamptop Cap
Line Post Line Fittings Dimensions (in inches): H. Clamptop Cap and V. Clamptop Cap
46 & 69 kV Horizontal Gain Base
46 & 69 kV Stud Base
15-69 kV F-Neck Cap
46 & 69 kV Two Hole Blade
Line Post Base Fittings Dimensions (in inches): H. Gain Base, Stud Base, Two Hole Blade

Application Curves for Insulators:
How to use the application curves. After you have established the loading cases, you can use the curves to determine whether a specific unit meets your loading requirement.
For example, consider the installation of a post number 80S025-0100 on a line with a vertical cantilever load of 800 pounds and a compression load of 900 pounds. By entering the curve at these values, find the allowable longitudinal load to be 900 pounds.
When the posts are loaded in tension the cantilever loading due to the combined effects of longitudinal, vertical and tensile loads should not exceed the rated tension working value.
The application curves should not be extrapolated.

Line Post Insulator Studs:
DF19M Series:
Serrated collar and lockwasher secure unit to line post insulator and prevent accidental disassembly. Cut threads above serrated collar, rolled threads below collar.
For Steel Crossarms
For Wood Crossarms
DF19M29 and DF19M32 include additional double coil lockwasher.

Suspension Trunnion Bolted Aluminum Clamptop Clamps:
For standard voltage applications with all aluminum, ACSR or aluminum alloy conductor.
Designed for use on tangent suspension spans with horizontal or vertical post insulators.
Keeper is reversible for proper fit on different size conductors.
Material: Body and Keeper—356-T6 aluminum alloy, Hardware—Galvanized steel, Anti-static spring 302 stainless steel

Recommended torque on bolts; 1/2”—480 in. lbs.
Anti-static spring can be supplied by adding “ARIV” to catalog number. Example, TSC57ARIV.
Clamptop clamps can be mounted directly on posts, if the posts are ordered with the horizontal or vertical clamptop option.

Bracket, Pole Top Insulator:
Mounts post or pin type insulator to top of pole. Variety of bolt hole locations for mounting to pole.
Ductile iron per ASTM A-536
Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A-153
RUS Listed

Bracket, Horizontal Insulator:
Use for mounting one or two insulator(s) to pole for armless construction.
Ductile iron per ASTM A-536
Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A-153

Bracket, Vertical Insulator:
Use for mounting pin or post vertical insulators, cutouts, arresters, or cable terminators. Three-hole style can be used for in-line deadending using suspension insulators.
Ductile iron per ASTM A-536
Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A-153
T206-0594 has 3 captive 1/2" x 2" bolts and nuts included
LB18B3CH has 2 captive 1/2" x 2" bolts and nuts included with LB18B3.
Side view with hardware

Bracket, Pole Top Insulator:
Bracket, angle crossarm
Mounts post insulators at 30° angle on crossarm for use on running corners.
Ductile iron per ASTM A-536
Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A-153

Brackets, post insulator:
Curved base:
This bracket can be used for mounting distribution post-type insulators from 15 kV to 34.5 kV on the side of the pole. The base has a pole-shape back for convenient installation. Brackets can be placed in a phase-over-phase arrangement or can be mounted on opposite sides of the pole for "armless" construction.
These brackets have 13/16" stringing block holes.
Side Mounted:
The bracket is formed of high-quality 3/8" x 21/2" bar steel and hot dip galvanized. It can be utilized to mount distribution post insulators from 15 kV to 34.5 kV.
This bracket is designed to facilitate a stringing block.
Chance Uni-Brackets are a clean-appearing, low-cost method of mounting three post-type insulators atop a pole completely eliminating the crossarm. The brackets can be installed on the pole in less than five minutes, requiring only two 3/4" bolts for attachment. Uni-Brackets fit poles having a pole-top diameter from 6" to 81/2". Slot on top is 11/16" x 21/4".
No. 9183 brackets can be adapted to a variety of distribution construction using post-type insulators from 15 through 34.5 kV.
Includes both sections of bracket

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