Post insulator 33kv

Post insulator 33kv is one of line insulator or station post insulator used for distribution systems and made from porcelain or polymer.

Post insulator 33kv

The features of Post insulator 33kv
◆ System voltage: 33kv
◆ Materials: porcelain or polymer
◆ Installation of insulator: outdoor line support
◆ Leakage distance: 736mm
◆ Power frequency puncture voltage
◆ Impulse withstand voltage
◆ Power frequency flashover voltage etc.

According to insulator designed, Post insulator 33kv can be divided into
◆ Pin post insulator
Line post insulator
◆ Station post insulator

According insulator coupling way, Post insulator 33kv can be divided into
◆ Tie top insulator
◆ Vertical Clamp top insulator
◆ Horizontal clamp top insulator

Post insulator 33kv is generally used with insulator end fittings, such as insulator spindle, insulator stud and flange in accordance with ANSI or IEC specifications.


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