Power System Company

Orient is a leading manufacturer of products used by utilities for building transmission and distribution lines and substations. Orient products include hardware, connection, insulation, protection, etc.

Power System products    Power System products

Power System products:
Power System Company product families include hardware and connection products as well as insulation and protection products. With global raw material sourcing capabilities, Orient produces over 10,000 items in seven domestic production facilities. The Orient business model supports local manufacturing for high service levels, diversity development programs and also sustainability and green initiatives. Orient products include: automatic splices and bolted connectors; silicone rubber, hollow core and porcelain insulators; surge arresters; guy and foundation anchors; pole line hardware; aluminum and ductile clamps; fiberglass brackets; crossarms and guy strain insulators; steel fabrications; porcelain and polymer fuse cutouts; grounding equipment; formed wire; aluminum mounts; enclosures and pads; and vibration control products.

Power System Company introduction:
Orient provides the most comprehensive line of brand name T&D products to the utility and telecommunication industries. The famous Power System companies include Reliable Power Products, MacLean Power Systems, Bethea Electrical Products, Continental Electric, Precision Fiberglass, Atlas Fabrications, Utilities Service, Hydrocom International, American Metals Products, American Connector Engineering Company (ACE) – an operating unit of Preformed Line Products, the Sediver composite insulator business in York, SC, the Sediver composite hollow core business in St. Yorre, France, Joslyn Manufacturing Company, Dixie Manufacturing Company, and the polymer fuse cutout business of S&C Electric, MPC in Guangzhou, China to facilitate the growing Asian market.

Power System Company development:
Today, it operates out of 15 manufacturing facilities worldwide. It houses our hollow core insulator business and serves markets throughout the world, serves the rapidly growing Asian Pacific region. In addition, they also manufacture T&D products for our worldwide customer base. For the international market, we also have representatives located across Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe.

New products provided by Power System Company:
New Fiberglass Crossarm Products:
A New Year brings a new look and new Fiberglass Crossarm Products to us. Visit the Fiberglass Utility section of the website to see updated Fiberglass Crossarm content featuring three new products including a Standard (PS-Series) Duty tangent, Extra Heavy (PY-Series) Duty tangent, and Extra Light (PX-Series) Duty deadend arms. Plus check out the new Fiberglass Crossarm Catalog section with detailed information on the various Fiberglass Crossarm products.
Full Line of Enclosures and Pads:
Through the recent acquisition of Highline Products, we now offer a full line of polymer concrete underground enclosures! We do not supply wood Alley Arms. We have steel Alley Arm Braces.

Do you have specification recommendations for metal oxide surge arresters?
References include ANSI/IEEE C62.11-2005 Standard for Metal Oxide Surge Arresters and ANSI/IEEE C62.22-1997 Guide for the Application of Metal Surge Arresters.

What is Telecom?
"Telecom" is the Telecommunications Market business for us covering the Telephone (RBOC and Independent) and CATV/MSO Markets. We use a special network of Sales Reps and Distributors design specifically for these markets.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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