Power fitting

Power fitting includes cross arm, pin and spindle, suspension / strain / parallel clamp, insulating clamp, earth set fitting, stay rod set, sleeves, bolt & nut, link fitting, yoke & link plate, protection fitting, pole fitting, etc.

Power fitting   Power fitting

Power fitting:
Cross arm: Cross arm, back brace, diagonal brace, vertical sidearm brace, double arming plate, rectangular steel crossarm
Pin and spindle: spindle, transformer leapin, pole top pin
Suspension clamp
Strain clamp: Piercing Clamp, NEL, NLD, Wire clip, CADC, CDC, CDC wedge, clamp, CODC
Parallel clamp
Insulating clamp: CAD-Multiple-Tap-Aluminum-Connector, CDP-INSULATION-PIERCING-CONNECTOR, pothook
Branch clamp
Earth set fitting: Bimetallic-solid-and-stranded, CCA-Grounding-Wedge-Connector, guy-strain-plate, house-bracket, Lightning-arrester, staple-ground-wire
Stay rod set: anchor-assembly, anchor-assembly, forged-eye-shaft-screw-anchor, forged-thimble-eye-bolt, anchor-expanding-8-way, guy-attachment-strain-insulator, guy-thimble, and shoulder-eye-bolt
Compress connector
Bolt & nut: bolt, double-arming-bolt, carriage-bolt, machine-bolt, mf-No.1-lock-nuts-regular-bolt, PH---DRIVING-STUDS, spring-lock-washer, square-nut, washers
Link fitting
Yoke & link plate
Protection fitting
Pole fitting: a.cable-hook-rack, alley-arm-brace, angle-brace, cable-extension-arm, mounting-27kv, mounting-clamp-adapter, truss-guy

In addition to power fitting products, Orient also provides insulator and conductor, such as conductor, porcelain insulator, glass insulator, silicon insulator, and insulator for switch gear. The types are:
Porcelain insulator: 52-1, 52-2, 52-3, 55-3, 55-4, 55-4, 56-4, 57-1L, 57-2L, 57-2L-white, 57-3L, 57-3L-white, 57-4L, 57-12, 57-14, 57-24, 110-330kv, 8470, ALP_11_180, ALP_22_450, ALP_33_920, BS1-series, DSC08486, HN1-10, L70BE-380, L100BE-550, Line-post-insulators, P13, P70, P-11-Y, P-22-Y, Pin-insulator, Post-insulators, PQ-36-Y, RM-1, RM-2, Spool-shackle-insulators, Tighten-type-BS2-insulator, XHP-70, ANSI 54-2 stat insulator
Glass insulator: U160BL, U70B
Silicon insulator: Composite Post Insulator
Lighting arrester: 6kv, 9kv, 10kv, 12kv, 15-18kv, 21kv, 27-30kv, 24kv, 33-36kv, 35kv, 66kv, 110kv, 220kv-380kv, 15KV
Cut-out fuse: Silicon Rubber Cut out Fuse
Isolate switch

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