Power station post insulators

Power station post insulators are usually for power frequency AC voltage 40.5KV ~550KV outdoor power stations, substations and electrical equipment devices.

Power station post insulators

The Power station post insulators design features:
◆ Power station posts have externally attached caps and bases. A proven cementing system transfers the load uniformly from the hardware into the porcelain body.
◆ Uniform Leakage path, orient power’s petticoat profile designs provide optimum leakage distance.
◆ The porcelain sheds protect the body from impact or flashover.

Each insulator body is made from the highest quality clay raw materials that have been processed to be fully vitrified porcelain. The body is glazed to add strength, improve surface appearance, and enhance ease of cleaning.

Power station post insulators can with various mechanical rating in accordance with IEC standard or ANSI standard and so on.


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