Protection fittings

Protection fittings are used to restrain vibration of conductor and ground wire of overhead transmission lines, or to grade and to shield the insulator string of 330kv and above.

Protection fittings

Protection fittings types:
Preformed armour rod
Stockbridge vibration dampers
Spacers, spacer damper
Grading and shielding rings
Counter weight
Arcing horn
Guy grip deadend
Side tie and distribute tie

A short time after it was detected that there are vibrations on conductors, and energy- absorbing dampers were installed. Up to now, this method is the most effective solution.
Stockbridge dampers with forged clamps for aluminium, al-alloy, ACSR, AACSR, and alum weld conductors. Weights are cast onto the messenger wire
Spiral dampers for light conductors, earth wires and optical cables
The function of this type is to disturb the vibration and this prevents the building up of a standing wave.
Armour rods for aluminium-, al-alloy, ACSR, AACSR, and alumoweld conductors

Vibration damper and preformed armour rod are the common types of protection fittings. If you want to know more about protection fittings, you can download pdf from our website, or visit the articles on the Orient Power website.

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