Railway insulator types

Railway insulator types include Pantograph Post for trains and locomotives, Overhead Line Catenary Top Guy & Bracket Insulators/Feeder Insulators, Post Catenary, and Posts and Rods for Air Disconnect Switches.

Railway insulator   Railway insulator

Railway insulator types:
Railway Insulators Pantograph Post for trains and locomotives:
ORIENT Insulators can provide a large range of insulators according to each use for locomotive and rail line builders.
Our design department can assist with custom solutions, e.g., posts with special end fixing, bushings fixed on the roof of the train.

Railway Insulators Overhead Line Catenary Top Guy & Bracket Insulators/Feeder Insulators:
25 kV A.C. Overhead Line Catenary Insulators
Insulators used for High Speed Trains
15 kV A.C., 1.5 - 3.3 kV D.C. Overhead Line Catenary Insulators
Special End fixing of insulators are tube on both sides.
Insulators used for German Railways
Insulators used for Austrian & Swiss Railways

The single-piece core design for 3 kV DC or 25 kV AC with special design provides maximum protection after flashovers and against mechanical impact. ORIENT Insulators designed for working in the horizontal position or angle mounted on a crossarm provides maximum safety for the electrical line connection with the train.
We supply the entire range of insulators for each voltage level:
1.5 – 3 kV DC
15 – 25 kV AC

Railway Insulators Post Catenary:
In some applications (e.g., tunnels, bridge crossings), ORIENT Insulators can design insulators with reduced dimensions. Rigid Post or Post-with-Anchoring-Hole types are available for situations of reduced clearance.
Pitch square 140x140mm
For Anchor hole, dimension of the pin is given
"M" when metric threaded hole

Railway Insulators Posts and Rods for Air Disconnect Switches:
Transmitting power to the railway line requires busbars and air disconnect switches.
Typical post and rod insulators are used for insulating live components.
Considering each on-site installation, our ORIENT Insulators are available to work upright, underhung or even in the horizontal position.
Choosing the best design for several possibilities of site use provides flexibility for our customers to consider the optimum arrangement for each mounting.
For instance, fast trains crossing under bridges require posts hanging the feeder cable as stable as possible to prevent power disruption.
Posts & Rods Insulators used for Air Disconnect Switch and as post for feeder wire
M" when metric threaded hole
Pitch square 50x50mm

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