Railway insulator

Railway insulator, there are commonly two kinds of railway insulator: composite railway insulator and porcelain railway insulator.

Railway insulator

Compared with the porcelain railway insulator, the composite railway insulators have more advantages. Due to its small size, when it comes to the smaller tunnel clearance or other smaller places, only the composite insulator can be used, the porcelain or glass insulator cannot replace it.

The structure of the composite railway insulator is compact, and it has high integrity. It is more convenient to storage, transport than porcelain railway insulator.

The composite railway insulator has smaller size, lighter weight than porcelain insulator. Moreover, the composite railway insulator has good internal and external insulation capabilities, high mechanical strength. The composite insulator can be used without regular cleaning, but the porcelain railway insulator should be cleaned regularly.

Railway insulator is mainly for high-speed rail and urban rail transit construction.


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