Railway products

Railway products include Disconnector MB 88 Rail 11 kV – 36 kV, 36kV Isolatorer for Railway, Aluminium cross arms and fasteners, Mast arrangements, AT – solutions, Compact tunnel outrigger, and so on.

36kV Isolatorer for Railway

Railway products:
Disconnector MB 88 Rail 11 kV – 36 kV 400A – 1250 A
Orient AS is a supplier of a wide range of disconnectors.
The line disconnector series MB88 is a further development of the proven LT/TB and MB series. The construction is based on extruded sea water resistant aluminium.
The disconnector is available both with ceramic or composite insulators according to IEC standards.
All types are delivered with lockable manual operating equipment made of galvanised steel.
Production in Hokksund, Norway
Short delivery time
Silver coated current paths
Low weight

36kV Isolatorer for Railway:
Orient AS has a wide range of insulators for railway contact line.

Aluminium cross arms and fasteners:
Orient AS delivers all types of cross arms, fastening material and cable protection.

Mast arrangements:
Orient is a supplier of a wide range of masts, pillars, supports and towers to the utilities and railway.
We also supply line material support insulators, line, suspension equipment and OPGW.
During the design/construction phase, and when calculating strength, we co-operate with Jøsok Prosjekt AS.

AT – solutions:
Orient AS produces different traverse solutions for AT (Auto Transformer).
AT Traverse with Pin Insulator and Line Support
Tension traverse for AT
Tension traverse with cable down lead for AT
Draining transformer arrangement for AT
Contact line disconnector for AT

Compact tunnel outrigger:
Orient AS supplies all types of applications for tunnels and subways.

In addition to the railway products, Orient also supplies transformers products, such as big power transformers (we are specialised on design and production of transformers), electro-technical equipment (The transformer production fulfils all demands according to IEC and ISO), Instrument transformers 72,5 kV – 420 kV, current- and voltage transformers, Spare parts, etc.

Orient supplies spare parts to all types and all sizes of transformers:
Porcelain bushings from 1 kV - 52 kV, rated current from 250 A - 12500 A DIN type
Buchholz relays and special editions for replacement of older types
Silicagel Breathers
Oil level indicators
Radiator valves
Special butterfly- and ball valves
Gas Sampling Device – Connected to Buchholz relay
Pressure relief devices
Flow meters/ relays
Protection relays for rubber bags
Bushings for built in current transformers
Oil and winding temperature instruments, Kihlstrøm type.
Intelligent electronic oil and winding temperature device from Treetech.
Advanced instrument with high accuracy and control of cooling groups built in. Also built in various engineering modules
Gas and moisture monitoring unit, type GMP from Treetech. Simple installation in older transformers
On line monitoring of HV bushings with the BMO unit from Treetech.

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