Solid-core Station Post Insulators

Solid-core station post insulators should be manufactured according to IEC, ANSI, AS standards, with cantilever strength from 4kN to 18kN, which is used on 35kV to 330kv or 420kV station and substation.

Solid-core Station Post Insulators types:
33kV TO 66kV post insulator
132kV Anti-pollution Type post insulator
245kV Anti-pollution Type post insulator
Line post insulators
Electrified Railway Rod Insulators
Composite Cross-arm Insulator

Solid-core Station Post Insulators

Station Post Insulators including:
Solid-Core Station Post Insulators to meet ANSI C29.9, TR-202, TR-205, TR-208, TR-210, TR-214, TR-216 to TR-289, TR-291, TR-231 and so on
Station Post Insulators to meet IEC 273 and AS 1137.3
C4 (6, 8, 10) - 95(125, 150,170,200, 250, 325, 550, 1050, 1300, 1550, 1800)
SC-22, SC-22
There are two types for station post insulator series, normal type and anti-pollution type.

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