Specific creepage distance

In order to successfully apply the "specific creepage distance" concept, certain dimensional parameters characterizing the insulator shall be taken into account.


The important parameters of specific creepage distance, that have to be taken into account, are:
The profile of an insulator is characterized by the following parameters:
- Minimum distance, c, between sheds
- Ratio s / p between spacing and shed overhang
- Ratio l d / d between creepage distance and clearance
- alternating sheds
- Inclination of sheds
- Parameters characterizing the entire insulator
• Creepage factor C.F.
• Profile factor P.F.
Influence of the position of insulators:
There is normally some change in the pollution performance of insulators designed for use in the vertical position when they are used in an inclined or horizontal position. Generally the change is for an improvement in performance, but in certain cases a reduction may result, due for example to the cascade affect of heavy rain.
Influence of the diameter:
Various laboratory tests appear to indicate that the pollution performance of post insulators decreased with increasing average diameter.

The specific creepage distance make the insulator type and application places are quite different.


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