Spiral vibration dampers

Spiral vibration dampers is used on high voltage transmission line, also contact with conductive lines, Spiral vibration dampers are indispensable part for electrical system and it main to protect the wires.

Spiral vibration dampers

Spiral vibration damper is used to eliminate the Aeolian vibrations, which is a high frequency low amplitude motion caused by smooth laminar winds passing across the line, when the conductor exposed to this wind, it will occur a eddy shedding, it will cause conductor move up and down at right angles to the direction of air flow.

Spiral vibration dampers have a multi-response design that can effectively reduce vibration over a wider range of imposing frequencies, it is accomplished by a design that has unequal messenger strand lengths enhanced in most cases with unequal weight

Feature of Spiral vibration dampers:
maximum protection from wind-induced conductor bending strain
reduce fatigue damage of breeze to wire, it can absorb vibration of variable frequencies effectively.
Weight-Galvanised modular iron weights hug the side of the messenger strand, not enclosing it. The possibility of corrosion is reduces.
Clamp profile- the clamp profile is configured to hang from the conductor ore cable during installation in accordance with IEC standards.


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