Standard Products

Orient has an extensive inventory of molded ceramic standard products for use in foundry and electrical applications. We maintain a complete line of strainer cores as well as Cerama-Nut® Wire Connectors.

Standard Products:
These products include extruded tubes and molded pouring cups for the investment casting industry. In addition, we maintain a complete line of strainer cores for use in the investment and sand casting industries as well as Cerama-Nut® Wire Connectors for electrical terminations (UL approved size is available).
Tubes (electrical)
Cerama-nut® Wire Connectors (CSB-18 UL certified)
Third Rail Insulator
Water Filtration Spheres
Wire Holders & Bushings
Strainer Cores
Cable Rack Insulators

Cerama-Nut® Wire Connectors

Cerama-Nut® Wire Connectors from Orient are made of high quality ceramics and have excellent electrical and heat resistant properties. CERAMA-NUT® Wire Connectors have a maximum working temperature of 1,000°F and are specified instead of plastic for applications above 200°F. Typical uses include any application involving elevated temperatures, such as appliances, high powered lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and heaters. The cross-reference list shows the comparable plastic wire connectors and wire gage ranges for correct sizing. Orient stocks three sizes of CERAMA-NUT wire connectors and they are on hand for immediate shipment. Samples are available upon request.

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