Standards and technical description of 11kv polymer insulators (C&T)

Standards and technical description of 11kv polymer insulators (C&T) include IEC61109, IEC60383, IEC60060-1, IEC 60120, IEC 60372, ANSI C29.13, Service condition, Dimensional Tolerance, Interchangeability, Maintenance, etc.

11kv polymer insulators (C&T)

Technical specification for 11kv polymer insulators (C&T):

This specification covers design, manufacture, testing and supply of composite insulators for use in the 11KV overhead transmission lines and substations. The composite insulators shall be of the following type.
Long rod insulators for conductors in tension application at angle/cut points. The insulators shall be of tongue & clevis type, as desired by the purchaser.

Applicable standards:
Standards: Following Indian/International Standards, which shall mean latest revision, with amendments/changes adopted and published, unless specifically stated otherwise in the specification, shall be referred while accessing conformity of insulators with these specifications.

In the event of supply of insulators conforming to standards other than specified, the Bidder shall confirm in his bid that these standards are equivalent or better to those specified. In case of award, salient features of comparison between the standards proposed by the bidder and those specified in this document will be provided by the Supplier to establish equivalence.

IEC 61109: Definition, test methods and acceptance criteria for composite insulators for a.c. overhead lines above 1000V
IEC 60383: Porcelain insulators for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000V
IEC 60060-1: Methods of High Voltage Testing
IEC 60120 & IEC 60372: Specification for insulator fittings for overhead power lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000V General Requirements and Tests Dimensional Requirements Locking Devices
IEC 60575: Thermal Mechanical Performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulator units
IEC 60815: Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions
IEC 60433: Characteristics of string insulator units of the long rod type
STRI guide 1.92/1: Hydrophobicity classification guide
CISPR: 18-2 part2: Radio interference characteristics of overhead power lines and high-voltage equipment
IEC 60437: Methods of RI Test of HV Insulators
ANSI C29 13-2000: Standard for insulators Composite Distribution Dead-end type
ISO 1459 and ISO 1461: Hot dip zinc coatings on structural steel & other allied products
ISO-1461 (E): Recommended Practice for Hot Dip Galvanisation for iron and steel
ISO 1460: Determination of weight of zinc coating on zinc coated iron and steel articles
ISO 2178: Methods of testing of local thickness of electroplated coatings
Testing of Uniformity of coating of zinc coated articles
ASTMD 578-05: Standard specification for glass fiber strands
ASTM E 1131-03: Standard test method for compositional analysis by Thermo-gravimetric
Specification for refined secondary zinc

Technical Description of Composite Insulators:
Service condition:

The polymer insulators to be supplied shall be suitable for satisfactory continuous operation under conditions as specified below:
Maximum ambient temperature: 55℃
Minimum ambient temperature: -5℃
Relative humidity: 0 to 100%
Composite Insulators long rod type for tension locations.
The insulators shall be suitable for 3Ph. 50Hz, effectively earthed 11KV O/H distribution system in a moderately/heavily polluted atmosphere. Long rod insulators shall be of tongue & clevis type as specified.
Bidder must be an indigenous manufacturer and supplier of composite insulators of rating 11KV or above or must have developed proven in house technology and manufacturing process for composite insulators of above rating OR possess technical collaboration/association with a manufacturer of composite insulators of rating 11KV or above.
The Bidder shall furnish necessary evidence in support of the above along with the bid, which can be in the form of certification from the utilities concerned, or any other documents to the satisfaction of the owner.
Insulators shall have sheds with good self-cleaning properties. Insulator shed profile, spacing, projection etc., and selection in respect of polluted conditions shall be generally in accordance with the recommendation of IEC-60815/IS: 13134.
The size of composite insulator, minimum creepage distance and mechanical strength along with hardware fittings shall be as follows.

Creepage distances have been considered in line with IS-13134 (which specifies 20mm/kv for moderately polluted & 25mm/kv for heavily polluted environment) except for a higher value of 320mm for 11KV insulators in heavily polluted environment as per existing practice with ceramic insulators. In case utilities are specifying lower values of creepage distance for ceramic insulators, the same may be followed for composite insulators also.

Dimensional Tolerance of Composite Insulators:
The tolerances on all dimensions e.g. diameter, length and creepage distance shall be allowed as follows in line with-IEC 61109:
± (0.04d + 1.5) mm when d300mm
± (0.025d+6) mm when d>300mm
Where, d being the dimensions in millimeters for diameter, length or creepage distance as the case may be.
However, no negative tolerance shall be applicable to creepage distance.

The composite insulators including the end fitting connection shall be standard design suitable for use with the hardware fittings of any make conforming to relevant IEC/IS standards.

Corona and RI performance:
All surfaces shall be clean, smooth, without cuts, abrasions or projections. No part shall be subjected to excessive localized pressure. The insulator and metal parts shall be so designed and manufactured that it shall avoid local corona formation and not generate any radio interference beyond specified limit under the operating conditions.

The composite insulators offered shall be suitable for use of hot line maintenance technique so that usual hot line operation can be carried out with ease, speed and safety.

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