Sub-Station Products

Sub-Station Products include Connectors, Clamps, Couplers, Conductors, Air heater, Horn gap fuse, Earth switch for isolator, Sub-station clamp and connectors, Pole clamp, All type of tension hardware fittings, etc.

tension hardware fittings   pin spindle

Post insulator, disc insulators

Sub-Station Products types:
Connectors ('t', isolator pads): T – connector, bolted type T – connector, T – connector compression type, terminal connector compression type, bimetallic tee connector for single conductor, bimetallic tee connector for twin conductor, bus support connector, palm connector compression type
Clamps: isolator clamp, L.A. clamp, T-clamp
Couplers: straight coupler, bus support coupler
Wedge/udc connector
Conductors: ACSR, AAAC, etc.
Air heater: 'u' type, 'ring' type, etc.: Engineers makes Air Heaters are used for process gas heating, drying ovens, air pre-heating, paint drying and curing, heat treating and more. Various terminal housings and control options available. Air heaters are designed for heating low-pressure air or gases. We make series air heaters are constructed with stainless steel tubular elements mounted in a stainless/ MS flange with operating temperatures up to 700° C. These electric process heaters can be designed to fit rectangular ductwork and can be supplied with transition sections when used on circular or smaller ducts
D.O fuse
Horn gap fuse
Isolator (upto 220kv & its spare)
A.B. switch
Earth switch for isolator
Fuse element
Sub-station clamp and connectors
G.I fabrication structure for isolator, fuse, bus support, LA, CT, PT
Pole clamp
"V" cross arm
All type of tension hardware fittings: envelope type suspension clamp, suspension clamp free center type, 33kv disc type single suspension insulator (with ball & socket type) hardware fittings, disc insulator ball & socket type (three bolted tension clamp); 66kv disc insulator double suspension hardware fittings with envelope type suspension clamp; 66kv disc insulator ball & socket type with compression type tension clamp; 220 kv disc insulator double tension hardware fittings with compression type tension clamp; single eye bolt; earth rod
Post insulator, pin insulator, disc insulators
GI pin for pin insulator, GI stay sets, earth road, etc.

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