Substations are kind of energy producers, and suitable for different industries and applications. This article mainly introduce the components of substations, such as Surge arrester, Earthing and short-circuit sets, etc.

Substations are complex key elements in power supply networks that must suffer only minimal power losses and enjoy maximum reliability. ORIENT products ensure low-loss, maintenance-free and long-lasting connections across the whole transmission chain.

Surge arrester direct to transformers and substations
The pluggable CONNEX surge arresters optimally shield transformers and substations when there are overvoltages: Because they are installed with encapsulation via a CONNEX socket directly on the device, therefore: directly on the transformer, which is therefore protected from transient overvoltages in the grid - for example, as a result of lightning strikes or directly on the substation from which overvoltages can come, for example, if the plant is switched under full load.
The arresters are extremely compact and completely touch-proof.


Earthing and short-circuit sets for safe and simple use at any location
Earthing and short-circuit sets should be adapted to the particular application for safety reasons. ORIENT offers individually produced sets that are not only safe, but also flexible and robust. The basis for this: A multitude of phase and earthing terminals as well as a flexible repertoire of various rope cross sections and lengths that make cut-to-order sets possible for any application. Additional plus: All clamps are double crimped with the rope: The specific round crimping protects the heavily stressed transition from the grounding cable to the clamp from damage in rough everyday operation. The hexagon crimp ensures low contact resistances.

Pluggable bushings for connecting overhead lines to transformers
The advantages of the pluggable cable connector can thus also be used for overhead lines:
Components can be replaced much faster because no work in the transformer tank is required during assembly or disassembly.
Oiling work is eliminated along with the risks for the environment.
The pluggable bushings are suitable for all power transformers, including in particular mobile and sealed transformers.

Pluggable high-voltage cable connectors for transformers and GIS
The high-voltage connection via cable instead of overhead lines is always preferable. For good reason: The large air insulation distances are eliminated, which saves an enormous amount of space. Ideal if transformer and GIS are in an enclosed space. The HV-CONNEX system features even more benefits. Because all of its connections are dry pluggable:
Working in difficult oil and gas environments during installation and commissioning of transformers and GIS is thus no longer required.
In the design and reconfiguration of networks, the HV-CONNEX product range offers substantially greater flexibility than traditional solutions.
The range includes all connection components designed for testing the system and connected equipment.

Compact and powerful medium-voltage connections for power transformers
The classic component for power transformers: the multi-contact elbow bushings featured in the MV-CONNEX product range. They are installed instead of conventional DIN porcelain bushings on the medium voltage side of power transformers.
The multiple sockets enable the transmission of higher power levels with manageable cable cross sections by distributing the current simultaneously on two or four cables.
To enable installers to easily route the cables, the cable connectors are situated on the sides.
The MV-CONNEX multi-contact elbow bushings come as double and quadruple elbow bushings for voltage levels ranging from 6 kV to 52 kV.

Safe busbar connections
Up to 40% of all errors in mains power supplies are attributable to poor connections. Even small measures can drastically reduce the risk of error here. For example, the Al Elast contact disk. It is used in the connection of busbars and performs three functions:
It ensures a defined current transfer on the busbar.
It cuts through dirt and oxide coatings and reliably penetrates into the conductor material.
It is elastic and therefore compensates for expansion variations resulting from temperature fluctuations.
The Al Elast contact disk enables even different conductor materials to be permanently joined to each other.

Phase comparison for three-phase systems
Testing for phase balance in three-phase systems is just as important for the safety as checking the networks for isolation from the power supply. Errors in handling should therefore be excluded as much as possible.
For added safety, ORIENT has a single-pole phase comparator in the range:
The single-pole phase comparator is distinguished by being especially easy to operate: Unlike the case with the two-pole version, two phases do not have to be contacted simultaneously.

Cable connections for the emergency power supply and short-circuiting of substations
Sometimes it must go especially quickly: supplying emergency current must start or a substation is bypassed.
Immediately ready to use are the pre-assembled cable connections with the proven MV-CONNEX plugs.
The connector system is metal-enclosed and completely touch-proof to ensure maximum safety also in special applications.

Voltage indication for high-voltage plants
Even if a system is equipped with touch-proof transformer connectors, it must be checked for safe isolation from the power supply prior to maintenance work.
Therefore, CONNEX connections from ORIENT alternatively have a capacitive interface, which enables completely risk-free tests.
ORIENT also has the right display devices available:
The continuous voltage indicator DSA-i3 is very compact and monitors three phases simultaneously.
The continuous voltage indicator of the DSA is separately connected to each phase and works without batteries.

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