Suspension insulator

Suspension insulator can be designed in any voltage used for transmission and distribution overhead power lines, such as 500kv suspension insulator, 11kv disc insulator.

Suspension insulator

Suspension insulator is made from porcelain materials, various types of Suspension insulator
◆ Normal type for light contamination
◆ Fog type for heavy contamination
◆ DC fog type of DC transmission line
◆ Aero dynamic type for desert contamination
◆ Outer-rib type for industrial contamination
◆ Usually used in any voltage according to the number of suspension string

Suspension insulator is made from silicone rubber, various types of Suspension insulator
◆ Low voltage insulator: 11kv, 22kv, 33kv
◆ MV suspension insulator: 45kv, 66kv, 69kv, 110kv
◆ HV suspension insulator: 132kv, 220kv, 245kv, 300kv, 400kv, 500kv
◆ EHV suspension insulator: 650kv, 750kv, 800kv, 1000kv, 1100kv etc.

According to insulator installation, the mechanical strength for Suspension insulator
◆ Suspension strength
◆ Tension strength

Suspension insulator can be designed in high mechanical strength up to 530kn in accordance with IEC60350 and ANSI C29.2 specifications.


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