Suzhou Porcelain Insulator

Suzhou Porcelain Insulator Works Co., Ltd (SPIW), manufacturing and supplying many types of porcelain insulators, is the main business enterprise of Suzhou Chuang Yuan Investment Development (Group) company.

Suzhou Porcelain Insulator was one of the subsidiary companies of CREATE TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE CO., LTD (Shenzhen Stock Exchange Code 000551) and did implementation of the overall restructuring from the old porcelain factory in Sep. 2003. SPIW is one of the key enterprises with seventy years of history on China National porcelain insulators R & D and manufacturing, also is the Export goods quality-reliable Enterprise and high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Suzhou Porcelain Insulator Works Co., Ltd (SPIW) locates in the cultural and historic city--- Suzhou, China. Since 2003, SPIW has invested about 250 million Yuan (RMB) to implement the relocation and upgrade of the company, capacity expansion of Technical Improvement. It was execute from a stated-owned company to a limited company since 2003. Till 2006 the company completed overall moving to the Suzhou Industrial Park, which is the Phase I technological transformation, meanwhile finish building a new factory in Suzhou New high-tech District(SND branch); Phase II technological transformation completed the dry process (Isostatics) production line for large insulators in 2008; According to the market demand and company development plan, to further adjust the production layout, company built another factory in Suzhou Xiangcheng District(SXD Branch) in June 2010. The company now covers an area of about 14.5 million square meters, construction area of about 8.6 million square meters, is consisted of four manufacturing branches, they are, Suspension, Isostatic, SND branch and SXD Branch, which can annually produce about 40 thousand tons all kinds of porcelain insulators.

Suzhou Porcelain Insulator

Company has a Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, which has abundant technology research and development force, and the products have independent intellectual property rights. Products are strictly enforced to execute GB, IEC, ANSI, BS and AS and other international and national standards. Main products include: 40 ~ 550kN AC / DC Disc Suspension Porcelain Insulator, AC1000kV/DC ± 800kV and below post porcelain insulators, 145kV and below line post porcelain insulators, electric railway and urban rail transit porcelain insulators used in OCS and porcelain wall bushings, etc.

Company brand "Shandian" is Jiangsu famous trademark, which achieved high reputation in both domestic and oversea market. The Suzhou Porcelain Insulator products are all over the areas of China, and exported to more than thirty countries and regions. Customer satisfaction of products and services is our highest goal, and Suzhou Porcelain Insulator will continuously meet customer needs.

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