T & D Insulators features

T & D Insulators features will be introduced through the Bonded Sand Bands, Porcelain Body, Protected Leakage Configuration, Forged Steel Eye & Ball Bolts, Interference Free, and Reduced incidence of puncture.

T & D Insulators

T & D Insulators features:
Bonded Sand Bands:

Sand bands bonded to the porcelain by glaze provide a rough surface for permanently attaching the hardware and distributing loading evenly through the porcelain. The high strength compression sand is manufactured by ORIENT Insulators to match the characteristics of the porcelain body.

Porcelain Body:
ORIENT transmission and distribution insulators are constructed of high quality electrical grade porcelain. Each porcelain body receives a series of electrical tests prior to assembly. 100% of all bodies are subjected to high frequency puncture tests thereby insuring soundness and performance prior to assembly.
This same test, in addition to other prescribed ANSI tests, is performed once again after assembly insuring the integrity of the porcelain and the assembled product.

Protected Leakage Configuration:
The umbrella type spreading porcelain shell or shed protects the leakage corrugations on the underside of the insulator from contamination and mechanical damage. The sheds are designed to provide optimum normal and protected leakage distance in relation to size and shape.

Forged Steel Eye & Ball Bolts:
ORIENT Insulators utilizes hot dip galvanized forged steel for the ball bolt and the eyebolt. Standard production of suspension insulators incorporates a pregnant bolt design for both ball & socket and clevis type units. The extra mass of the pregnant bolt design plus the compound coating provides corrosion protection at the cement line caused by ozone, electrolytic action and other factors. A zinc sleeve may also be supplied on a straight bolt, for corrosion protection, when specified.

Interference Free:
ORIENT Insulators suspension insulators are radio & television interference free by design and have been completely tested, both individually and as assemblies. Our hardware is smooth contoured with well-rounded edges to reduce RIV build-up and does not require corona rings.

Reduced incidence of puncture:
ORIENT Insulators, through extensive testing and design, eliminate the hazard of puncture and are highly resistant to lightning puncture.

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