Tests of insulator

Based on the purpose of testing, the tests of insulator to be performed on polymer insulators are classified in several categories. This is Design tests of insulator. This can help us understand insulator.


Design Tests of insulator - Design tests are performed to verify the suitability of the manufacturer's design, materials, manufacturing process and technology. When an insulator is submitted to the design tests, the results shall be considered valid for all insulators of the same design that are represented by the tested one. The design tests are performed once. Design tests shall include the following tests:
Material Tests of insulator:
i) Water Penetration Test
ii) Tracking and Erosion Test
iii) Aging or Accelerated Weathering Test
iv) Dry Penetration Test
v) Water Diffusion Test vi) Power Arc Test
vi) Flammability Test
Mechanical Tests of insulator:
i) Tension Strength Tests
ii) Torsion Strength Test
iii) Working Cantilever Load
iv) Thermal Mechanical Test

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