Toughened glass suspension insulators

Toughened glass suspension insulators appropriate shell profile includes standard profile, spherical profile, fog profile, and open profile. Contamination levels and leakage requirement are as follows.

Toughened glass suspension insulators  Toughened glass suspension insulators

Toughened glass suspension insulators appropriate shell profile:
Over the years Orient engineers have developed and optimized different type of toughened glass dielectric shells, each having the special combination of characteristics described and illustrated below.

Standard profile:
This profile has a leakage distance in excess of standard duty. The standard profile insulators all meet ANSI C29.2 & CSA.

Spherical profile:
The leakage distance of this profile is equivalent to that of standard profile type. The absence of under-ribs reduces pollution build-up. It also facilitates self-cleaning on washing in dust-laden environments.

Fog profile:
This profile has an extra-long leakage distance obtained by ribs of greater depth. The profile and wide spacing of the ribs promote an effective self-cleaning and facilitate washing. Their wide spacing also prevents arcing between adjacent ribs under severe contamination.

Open profile:
The absence of deep under-ribs on this shell type greatly reduces pollutant accumulation on the lower surface because air flow is smooth and uninterrupted. This design is particularly effective in desert areas where natural washing by rain is infrequent. It can also solve ice-bridging problems when alternated with other profiles in a string.

Contamination levels and leakage requirement:
The total length of leakage distance of the string depends on the type of environment. IEC 60815 standard defines the specific leakage distance for phase-to-ground voltage (mm of leakage distance/kV) according to the pollution level.

In suspension configurations (I or V string):
For cost savings it is recommended to keep the string as short as possible while complying with its Basic Insulation Level. In areas of high contamination, this is achievable with the use of fog type profile giving an increased leakage distance per unit.

In tension (dead-end) configurations:
Since the length of the string is not a limiting parameter, it is recommended to choose standard type insulators which will prevent from deposit accumulation in horizontal position and to determine the number of units per string as required by the level of contamination.

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