Transformer bushing, railway insulators, ESP insulators

Transformer bushing, railway insulators, and ESP insulators are our main product, and the specifications, applications, standards, and other details about these ceramic insulators are shown as follows.

Transformer bushing

Transformer bushings:
Transformer bushings are manufactured according to relevant international or national standards and / or according to the client's requirements for a given voltage level, amperage, creepage distance or length of the oil part of a bushing. In practice, porcelain bushings from renowned European manufacturers were the most effective. Besides bushings manufactured according to DIN and EN standard, Orient offers metallized bushings 10-52 kV plated with Copper or Zinc. Metallization of bushings is applied mainly due to reduction of radio interference (IEC 60437). The area for metallization is determined by drawings. Limits of the interference characteristics of insulators and testing voltage must comply with national regulations or agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.

Our specialty is the production of insulators for atypical transformer bushings, metallized bushings and small technically demanding series. We are able to offer unbeatably fast delivery terms to our customers in Europe. We sell out of our own production plant in the heart of Europe over 10 000 pieces of insulators for transformer bushings at all voltage levels.

Transformer bushings Standards: EN 50180, DIN 42539, DIN 42531, DIN 42532, DIN 42533, DIN 42534

Railway porcelain insulators:
Railway porcelain insulators – one of the core products of Orient, a very high quality production which is certified by Q1 level by our customers traditionally, Manufactured in Orient production facilities for European and overseas customers, used for railway constructions and other trolley lines of AC and DC voltage level.

Railway porcelain insulators Specifications:
Railway porcelain insulators used for railway constructions and other trolley lines of AC and DC voltage level by its mechanical, electrical and glaze characteristics are suitable to operate also in high-polluted areas, such as sandy territories, foggy and salt-foggy territories, extremely high/low temperature territories, chemically polluted areas, etc.

Area of use for Railway porcelain insulators:
Railway infrastructure
Trolley lines
Hi-speed railway track insulators
City rail tracks
Ceramic mass C130 acc. to EN 60672
Production acc. to customer request

Electrostatic precipitators:
Electrostatic precipitator is a high-tech facility for cleaning pollution over the globe. Orient by its products of porcelain ESP insulators is taking part of these environmental processes as well. Porcelain ESP insulators manufactured by us are used by air pollution control specialists at many industrial branches. Join us for a cleaner Word!

Our specialty is the production of ESP insulators from the mass C130 according customer drawings. Our insulators have extraordinary mechanical characteristics. We tested axial pressure at 140t without destruction.

Areas of Practice: cylindrical or conical design, glaze brown or grey, many standard types. And customer design

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