Transmission line insulator

Transmission line insulator is devices used to contain, separate or support electrical conductors on high voltage electricity supply networks.

Transmission line insulator

Transmission insulator come in various shapes and types, including individual or strings of disks, line posts or long rods. They are made of polymers, glass and porcelain--each with different densities, tensile strengths and performing properties in adverse conditions.

Different types for Transmission line insulator:
Suspension type insulators: Suspension type transmission line insulators suspend and support high voltage transmission lines.
Shackle type insulators: Shackle type insulators, similar to strain type insulators, are used on sharp curves, end poles and in section poles
Pin type insulators: Pin type insulators are used for the transmission of lower voltages.
Line post insulators: Line post insulators are used on distribution line and transmission line up to 132KV.

Transmission line insulator separate, contain and suspend transmission line conductors.

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