Transmission line insulators

Transmission line insulators mainly include suspension insulators, line post insulators and crossarm insulators. Transmission line insulators can be porcelains or silicone rubbers.

Transmission line insulator                Transmission line insulator

Transmission line insulators manufacturing process:
Porcelain transmission line insulators: clay, ball mill, vibrating screen, iron removal, filtering, lumps of clay filter cake, pugging, ageing, de-airing pug mill, forming by turning, drying and glazing.
Silicone rubber transmission line insulators: preparing raw materials, Assembly of end fittings with reinforced fiber glass rod, Brush coupling agent on the rod, Warming up under high temperature, Compression molding or injection molding of vulcanization, Crimping of fittings to the rod and Surface trimming

The transmission line insulators manufacturing process shown above make sure the quality of products. The suspension insulator is the most common type of transmission line insulators. Orient Power also does a series tests for transmission line insulator products before shipping.

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