Type of insulator electrical

Type of insulator electrical can be divided in accordance with raw materials, voltages and applications. People can choose different Type of insulators electrical as per operation condition.

Type of insulator electrical             line post type insulator

Type of insulator electrical in materials:
Composite insulator: silicone rubber, fiberglass rod core, metal end fittings
Porcelain insulator: high quality aluminum oxide porcelain, metal end fittings
Glass insulator: high strength toughened glass, metal end fittings

Type of insulator electrical in voltages:
Low voltage insulator: 400v ~ 1kv; strain insulator, guy strain insulator, stay insulator, spool / shackle insulator and so on
Medium voltage insulator: 1kv ~ 36kv; pin insulator, suspension insulator, line post insulator, pin post insulator, railway insulator and so on
High voltage insulator: suspension insulator, crossarm insulator, station post insulator, line post insulator and so on

Type of insulator electrical in applications:
Distribution line insulators, overhead transmission lines, substation insulators, transformer insulators and equipment insulators, railway insulators, and so on

No matter what type of insulator electrical you want, Orient Power can manufacture insulator as most of standards or requirement of customers.

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