Types of insulator in transmission line

Types of insulator in transmission line include suspension insulator, line post insulator, long rod insulator, and so on. Transmission line means overhead lines with the voltage above 36kv.

porcelain line post insulator              porcelain pin post insulator

Types of insulator in transmission line:
Suspension insulator: porcelain or composite suspension insulator, 10kv ~ 800kv
Line post insulator: composite or porcelain line post insulator, 10kv ~ 132kv
Crossarm insulator: composite or porcelain crossarm insulator, 10kv ~ 132kv
Deadend insulator: 10kv ~ 69kv

Porcelain line post insulators are main types of insulator in transmission line. Now, distribution post insulators, both tie top and clamp top, utilizing a simple cup type base attached with a single stud may be mounted, in combination with the larger offset brackets, in the horizontal position to provide ample mid span conductor separation on long span construction.

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