Types of overhead line insulators

Types of overhead line insulators can be divided into different types according to different aspects, such as porcelain insulators and composite insulators.

Types of overhead line insulators

Types of overhead line insulators have pin insulator, shackle insulator, suspension insulator, stay insulators, line post insulators, pin post insulators, railway insulators, cross arm insulators.

Cross arm insulator is one of types of overhead line insulators often used for on the poles without cross arm, cross arm insulator simultaneously play the role of insulation and cross arm.

List some types of overhead line insulators:
Pin insulators:
Pin insulators mainly used 6-10kV of distribution lines. It's the top of a groove. Wire may be secured online slots .20-35kV lines are also useful for pin insulators.

Cross arm insulators:
Cross arm insulator materials are porcelain and composite material of two categories. Porcelain cross arm porcelain insulators are rod-shaped mounting support wires on poles. Not only played the role of conductor of the insulation. But also play a role in the cross arm. When the high voltage level, it on cross arm insulator machinery high strength requirements.

Glass insulators:
Two plays a fundamental role in overhead transmission lines, namely the support wire and prevent current back to land.

Types of overhead line insulators play an important role in the overhead lines, we can guarantee the line life and fixed number of years, and use the line insulator can reduce the load on the line to withstand harsh weather impact.


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