Water Penetration test

Water penetration test is intended to determine the insulator resistance to moisture. Various materials absorb varying amounts of water that may affect the polymeric materials on different ways.

insulator test

Water penetration test steps:
1. Visual Examination - The housing shall be inspected visually. No cracks and no sign of dissolving or crumbling are permitted.
2. Steep Front Impulse Voltage Test - An impulse voltage with a front steepness of at least 1000 kV/µs shall be applied to each test section. Each test section shall be stressed with 25 impulses of positive and 25 impulses of negative polarity in accordance with ANSI standard and 10 impulses of positive and 10 impulses of negative polarity in accordance with CEA standard. Each impulse shall cause an external flashover of the test section. No puncture shall occur.
3. Power Frequency Voltage Test - Each test specimen shall be individually subjected to 80% of its average flashover voltage as determined by averaging five flashover voltage on each of the three test specimens. The flashover voltage shall be corrected to standard conditions. The flashover voltage shall be reached within 1 minute by increasing the voltage linearly from zero. The voltage shall be maintained for 30 minutes. No puncture shall occur and the temperature of the shank measured immediately after the test shall not be more than 20 °C above ambient.
4. Hardness Test - The hardness of two sheds of each insulator shall be measured in accordance with ASTM D2240. The hardness must not change from the pre-boiled specimen by more than 20%.

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