Wet porcelain insulator types

Wet porcelain insulator types can be divided into suspension insulators, spool insulators, strain insulators, pin type insulators, line post insulators, station post insulators, transformer bushing as per their applications.

Wet porcelain insulator types:
Suspension Insulators: 52-1, 52-3, 52-3 with zinc sleeve, 52-4, 52-5, 52-8, 52-9A, 52-9B, 52-10, XP-40, XP-40C, XP-70, XP-70C, XP6-70, XP-120, XP-160, XP1-160, XP3-160, XP4-160, XP-210, XP-300, XHP-120, XHP1-120, XHP2-120, XHP-160, XWP1-70, XWP2-70, XWP3-70, XWP4-70, XWP1-100, XWP2-100, XWP3-100, XWP2-120, XWP3-120, XWP-160, XWP1-160, XWP2-160, XWP2-210, XWP3-210, XWP-300, XSP-100, XSP-160, XSP-210, XMP-70, XMP-80, XMP-100, XMP-160, XMP-210, XP-40C-1, XP-40C-2, XDP-70CN, XP7-70, XS-10-30, SL-15-70
Spool Insulators: 53-2, 53-3, ED-2B, ED-2C, 1617, 1618, R-2, R-6, RM-2, E-80, E-95, N-80, N-95, ED-1, ED-2, ED-3, ED-4
Strain Insulators: 54-1, 54-2, 54-3, 54-4, GY, GY-3, GY-4, J-10, J-20, J-45, J-54, J-70, J-90
Pin Type Insulators: 55-3, 55-4, 55-5, 56-1, 56-2, 56-3, 56-4, P-11-Y, P-11-Y2, P-11-Y3, P-11-Y4, P-15-Y, P-22-Y, P-33-Y, P-33-Y1, Pw-11-Y, Pw-15-Y, Pw-22-Y, Pw-33-Y, Pw-33-Y2, N95-3, N95-4, st-20/J, P-11-A, P-22-A, P-33-A, SHF-10G, SHF-10G2, SHF-15G, SHF-20G, SHF-20G2, SHF-35G, P-6, P-10T, P-15T, P-20T, P-30, PQ-10T, PQ-20T, PQ-11-Y, PQ-15-Y, PQ-15-Y2, PQ-15-Y3, PQ-20-Y, PQ-20-Y2, PQ-33-Y, GR-47, PQ-36-Y
Line Post Insulators: 57-1, 57-2, 57-3, 57-4, PS-15-300, PS-15-500, Pin Post, 20kV Line Post Insulators, 24kV Line Post Insulators
Station Post Insulators: SHF-10-500, ZA-10Y, P-60, P-70, P-70T, P-80, P-90T, C6-125, TR-208, ZSW-35-4, C6-650, ZSW-110, ZSW-126, ZSW-145
Transformer Bushing: B-1, BL-10, BQ-10, BQ-20, B-20, BDW-20, BLQ-20, BC-14, BC-26, CL-6, CWL-6

Wet porcelain insulator types

These wet porcelain insulator types also can be divided as per the related standards. Suspension insulators include ANSI, Normal Type, Fog Type, Anti-pollution Type, Aerodynamic Type, Other types. Spool insulators include ANSI, BS, DIN, GB types. Strain insulators include ANSI, AS, GB types. Pin insulators include ANSI, BS, DIN, AS, RU, GB, Other types. Line post insulator includes ANSI, GB, and Other types.

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