What is an insulator?

 Insulator is a special insulation equipment, play an important role in overhead transmission line. In order to increase the creepage distance, it is usually made from glass or ceramic.

What is an insulator?

Insulator in overhead transmission lines with two basic roles, namely support wires and prevent the current back to the ground.

According to insulator material, it is mainly divided into four types
◆ porcelain insulator
◆ composite insulator
◆ glass insulator
◆ HDPE insulator

Porcelain insulator is made of porcelain, heavier, and has good insulation properties, heat resistance, resistance to climate change and flexible to assemble.

Composite insulator consists of glass fiber and epoxy resin rod, which is a special kind of insulation equipment, and can play an important role in the overhead transmission lines.

The advantages of composite insulators
◆ Small size, easy to maintain
◆ Light weight, easy installation
◆ High mechanical strength, not easy and broken
◆ Good seismic performance is excellent, fouling resistance;
◆ Quick production cycle, high quality stability


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