Wireholders are pole line hardware, and include J.E.M. Nylon Alloy Material Z-Series w/ Galvanized Screw and Service Mast, Nylon Alloy. The features and materials of these power fittings are as follows.


Wireholders details:
J.E.M. Nylon Alloy Material Z-Series w/ Galvanized Screw:
Orient Power Systems Z-series wireholders are produced from ultraviolet stabilized nylon alloy compound with reinforced fibers which provide approximately twice the fracture strength as porcelain insulators. The engineered blend material provides insulating properties equal to porcelain. Z-series wireholders eliminate chipping and breaking problems associated with porcelain. The unique design features a square flat top which can be used with a hammer to start installation. The flat top also features an "egg carton" design for indexing an installing tool when using a cordless drill. Each package of Z-wireholders includes a supply of installing tools for use with a 1/2-inch drive cordless drill to obtain maximum installation efficiency.
Material: Wireholder: Nylon Alloy
Screw: Galvanized

Service Mast, Nylon Alloy:
Orient Power Systems Z-series service mast wireholders are manufactured from an engineered blend of nylon alloy reinforced with fibers to provide approximately twice the fracture strength as porcelain. The durable nylon alloy material is U.V. stablilized for extended service life in ultraviolet exposure.

The bracket design features an open slot which allows the bracket to be installed without disassembling the bolts. Accommodtes a range of 1-1/4-inch through 3-inch diameter pipe. Dimensions of the nylon alloy insulator are the same as shown for the J089Z wireholders.
Wireholder: Nylon Alloy
Bracket: Hot Dip Galvanized

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