Working cantilever load and Torsional load test

Working cantilever load is the pressure when the cantilever in normal work. Torsional load is insulators are reverse pressure. Below are Working cantilever load and Torsional load test.


Working cantilever load test:
Three insulators shall be tested. Gradually load the insulator to 1.1 times its working cantilever load rating at a temperature of 20° C + 10K and hold for 96 hours. The load shall be applied to the insulator as described in the definition of the cantilever load. After removal of the load; cut each insulator 90° to the axis of the core and about 50 mm from the base end fitting; cut the base end fitting longitudinally into two halves in the plane of the previously applied cantilever load. The test is regarded as passed if the threads of the base are reusable and each fiberglass rod has no delaminations, and no crack.

Torsional load test:
Three insulators shall be tested to 50 Nm and release. The toraional load shall be applied to the test specimen through a torque member so constructed that the test specimen is not subjected to any cantilever stress. Failure of any one insulator after torsion to meet the dye penetration test shall constitute failure to meet the requirements of this recommendation.

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